Come and See

Come and See Weekends

Are you thinking of joining religious life and have no clue what community God calls you to join? 

"Come and See" is a discernment weekend of prayer and interactions with a La Salette house community. The weekend usually starts on Thursday until Sunday. During that weekend, you have the opportunity to hear different La Salette priests and brothers sharing their vocation stories and why they ended choosing La Salette. You share the life of that community for the weekend such as praying with that La Salette community, eating with them, playing games and visiting their ministries. After two or three Come and See weekends, you will certainly have an idea if God calls you to become a La Salette or not. 

July 11-15th, 2019 Enfield New Hampshire

June 15-18th, 2017  Friendswood, Texas

Come and see, Friendswood, Texas 2018

La Salette Vocations
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