Message and A Mission

The Story

On Saturday, September 19, 1846, a beautiful clear autumn day, the Virgin Mary appeared to Maximin Giraud, age 11, and Melanie Mathieu, age 14 on a mountain near the town of La Salette, some 6,000 feet high in the French Alps.  The two children had first met the day before while tending cows on the slopes.
Mary said to the children, "Come near, my children, don't be afraid.  I am here to tell you great news."  The message given to the children has become the foundation for the La Salette Order of Priests, Brothers, and Sisters.  Mary also said, "Well, my children, you will make this known to all my people."  And, according to Mary's wishes, that message continues to be shared by the La Salette Order throughout the world today. Mary's message of reconciliation to the children is more than  revealing today in a that is struggled to reconcile due to the difficulties of our time today. As broken as these children were, Mary choose them to give a message of peace and reconciliation to the broken world. Mary's message of reconciliation needs a voice to keep spreading, would you become that voice? 
















The La Salette Cross

The children to whom Mary appeared at La Salette, France, described the crucifix on Mary's breast as more radiant than anything else in the apparition.

A hammer hung on one side and pincers on the other. Although Mary did not explain the significance of these implements, it is thought that the hammer represents sin, which nailed Jesus to the Cross. Just as the pincers removed the nails, penance and prayer help us reconcile the world to God.

Around the world, the La Salette Cross has become the characteristic symbol of Mary's message to be reconciled to God.  The emblem pictured below the cross on your right, is located on the altar of the Basilica of Notre Dame de la Salette Shrine in France, at the sight of the September 19th 1846 apparition.  The same  symbols have been artisically depicted by numerous artists around the world ... and these on the altar of the basilica, cast in bronze and gilded with gold replicate beautifully the image that Melanie and Maximum first described to Baptiste Pra and Pierre Selme in the hamlet of Les Ablandains near La Salette. 

La Salette Vocations
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