Vocation Stories

Brother Anthony Casso, M.S.
Fr. Andre Patenaude, M.S.
Fr. Sunny Michael, M.S.
Vocation Stories from 2019 Provincial Assembly

Living On The Edge

I remember when I was five years old and I was standing on the edge of a diving board waiting to dive in. I could not jump off the board because I was standing there paralyzed, I felt hesitant and reluctant about diving into the water because I was afraid. I desired to be in the water with the other kids but my overwhelming fear held me back from joining in on the fun.  Perhaps this is how you feel when discerning a religious vocation. You have the call and desire to explore a religious vocation but you are overwhelmed with a sense of fear and uncertainty.....

Our Identity is our Vocation

I remember as a teenager experimenting with my identity. I thought by joining certain social groups or trying different fashion trends I would eventually discover what my identity was. Yet, no matter what group I joined or the clothes I wore I never truly discovered who I was as a person. Entering into adulthood I still struggled trying to find out who I was. I tried different careers, joined various social causes, changed my college major numerous times and I still was challenged with the lingering question of who I am and what should I do with my life....

To All Considering A Vocation

Since the time I was in high school, I felt an inclination to serve in the church. Every passing day, the thought of serving God would intensify ever so slightly, and it wasn’t until I entered college that I discerned this desire to actually be a call from God. Initially, the thought of becoming a priest frightened me. I was not emotionally prepared to abandon my career goal of becoming a professional airline pilot. Through my own arrogance, I would later dismiss the idea of entering the seminary in order to remain focused on my passion in aviation. Amazingly, I was never able to completely remove the thought from my mind, and like a pilot light gently burning on a stove top, the idea always remained in the back of my mind ...

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