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The Missionaries of La Salette are a vibrant and active community with parishes and shrines in eleven states and twenty countries around the world.  We are excited to share the La Salette Vision, given by Mary, serving the Church well and bringing our charism of reconciliation in many different ways to all we meet, including through La Salette events.

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Fr. John Sullivan, M.S.

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Meet a La Salette

I remember my call to religious life, even being a missionary in some foreign land, began when I was only about eight years old. I had imagined myself driving a jeep down a jungle trail with poison darts flying over my head. I believe the Maryknoll Magazine was a source of such vivid, adventurous thinking and feeling.

But probably the deeper source was the greenhouse that I grew up in, the son of both parents born in Ireland who were so proud and grateful of their Catholic up bringing. The seeds of my faith in God and comfortableness in our parish family began early in life. Going to Mass every Sunday, receiving the Sacraments, serving as an altar boy, and even go- ing to a parish mission in the summer months, were all very standard parts of my life and the lives of my three siblings.  

By about 15 years of age I had decided to enter the La Salette Seminary in Hartford , Connecticut to begin studies to hopefully be a priest. That was also around the time I began to notice girls. The desire began to grow to date Cathy Walsh, the girl at the bus stop, where I began my travels to high school each weekday morning. I was very shy at the time so there was not much conversation. However I knew I had to decide in my junior year of high school; it was either Cathy Walsh or the seminary. It took many years of formation and beautiful ministry as a priest in both North and South America, but I am now in Enfield, serving gratefully as a La Salette missionary. I do like to dream that Cathy became a nun.  

However in a more serious note, I cannot overstress the centrality of a good strong faith and love for the Church in our families. It had so much to do with my own journey. I strongly believe that seminary life should begin not at 15, but rather during the college years, mixed in with some good job experiences and healthy dating, as we grow to know ourselves and our relationships with others as well as God. It is so important to develop a discerning heart and mind to listen and dialogue not only with Our Lord but also with the significant people in our lives. I am still doing that after more than a half century. That is when I made my decision and continue to do it on a daily basis with much gratitude and joy in my heart. For all of you young folks, both girls and guys, pay attention to those deep down feelings illuminated in God's grace. You may discover some wonderful surprises and adventures ahead of you.


July 2023

We welcome you at spend a weekend at our "Come and See" event

in July in Attleboro, Massachusetts.


for more information.

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