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Come & Click 

Come & See

Are you thinking of joining religious life and
have no clue what community God calls you to join?


Come & Visit

A "Come and Click" evening is a discernment event of conversation with a La Salette priest in the United States, presented via Zoom, in the comfort of your own home.

In this short time, you will be introduced to the La Salette community and discernment opportunities.  The hour long event will provide the opportunity to hear from different La Salette priests and learn more about the La Salette order.

"Come and See" events are specifically designed so that you,

  • learn about discernment and how to discover God's will for your life

  • interact with priests, brothers & other men interested in a vocation

  • hear stories and learn what is unique about the Missionaries of La Salette

  • join the community for prayer, Mass and meals

If you are considering or would like to attend an upcoming event, please contact

See you there!

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