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The La Salette Discernment House

The La Salette Discernment House is a community living experience for men from 18 and up who are strongly thinking of joining the Missionaries of La Salette. 


Some men who choose to live at the La Salette House are considering the Lord’s call to religious life while still working in the world.  Others are in the midst of applying to the La Salette formation process, and others are already in the formation process, but are ESL students. 


Each resident must be either working or attending school.  For this reason, the La Salette Discernment House is not run like a formal La Salette Formation House although we will be concerned with the main elements that allow discernment to occur:


  • Faith 

  • Spiritual Life 

  • Discipleship 

  • Mission

  • Fraternity

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